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Welcome to my blog.  I am excited to be expanding Creative Life Navigation into Kim Fletcher Associates.  As the lead life coach and lead speaker, I am passionate about seeing individuals and groups navigate their futures with creativity, innovation, freedom and significance.  You will want to follow this blog if you are eager to embrace coaching tips and strategies that will enhance your life, reduce your stress, and fuel your vision for the coming season of your life.  I look forward to journeying with you as we break free from status quo living and come into the clearing found by the loyal minority who choose to develop their full potential and invest their lives in the causes and people that matter most to them.

October 2, 2011 No Comments

Fun Facts:

  • Kim believes everyone should own at least one pair of great flip flops
  • Her definition of wealth has nothing to do with money
  • Kim believes our lives should fully reflect our God-given passions. As a woman with an unprecedented heart for individuals affected by disability, that is why she designed her own home to be fully wheelchair accessible
  • She feels more at home in wrinkled island-style linen than in a power suit
  • Kim credits God with handing her the blueprints that allowed her to walk away from a 20 year health care career and take up the life of an urban missionary who uses her coaching, speaking and writing skills to build World Changers
  • Kim is passionate about the people and culture of Hawaii
  • Kim loves all things nautical… the proof is in the boat that hangs from the 27′ ceiling of her own living room
  • Most of Kim’s favorite books and journals have well-worn leather covers
  • She never travels without her NLT Bible and her sketch book
  • The greatest thing she ever created on that sketch pad is her own lake-side New England style cottage
  • Her “Who’s Who” list always includes the names of her maternal grandparents, Ernest and Dorsie Hartley
  • Kim considers herself a collector of great people… she can usually be found in the company of a World Changer
  • Kim brings the touch of an artist to all she does, whether sketching her favorite Hawaiian beach or casting a clear and breathtaking vision for a friend or client

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